About The Series

One aspect of my body that I never expected to become a big deal was stretch marks. Due to both my BED and PCOS I gained over 100lbs in just under 2 years. Because of this I developed large, dark red marks over my body, most prominently on my stomach. I felt ashamed of them and my body and found myself viewing them as symbols of my "failures". However, thanks to some amazing counseling, I no longer see them as that, but rather as perfectly natural and lovely parts of myself. That being said, many people don't get to see stretch marks in any form of positive light. For most they're seen as blemishes that deserve nothing more than to be covered up - something to be ashamed of. Fuck that. I despise the thought of anyone ever feeling that they need to hide their body. I know that stretch marks are only 1 aspect of one's body image, but for me it's important to tackle this. How can we move forward with body acceptance when we can't even move past a completely natural part of our bodies?

For me it's important to separate the stretch marks from the body. I want to remove all other aspects of them - gender, race, body type, all of it. The point is to see stretch marks in their basic form and to make that form an artistic one. In this series I've focused on making simple, 2-tone linocut prints that highlight the shapes of the stretch marks and turn them into art in their own right. When you see these prints it is my vision that you will not to see stretch marks, but rather an abstract art form. When we take stretch marks away from the body and see them as the art that they are then we can learn to see the beauty of them when we return them back to the body.