The B.E.D. series was created out of my desire to represent the daily struggles of those living with Binge Eating Disorder (BED). BED is the most commonly diagnosed eating disorder, yet having only been recognized as one in 2013 it remains highly misunderstood. There are a significant number of people who view BED as simply "an excuse to be fat" or "a lack of self-control." The reality is that BED is a severe medical disorder that requires years of counseling and medical intervention to overcome. This ongoing series strives to address the stigma behind BED and expose the realities of the condition. Conflicting emotions, the compulsion to eat and self-critique, and the desire to hide weight changes (and the subsequent shame that comes with drastic weight change) are only part of the problems that plague those living with BED on a daily basis. I hope that, through my work, I can open the public’s eye to this condition and break down the stigma associated with it. As someone with both physical and mental illness BED has proven to be the most challenging disorder I deal with.